Who is Tosa Two Heart?



Ṫośa Gladys Two Heart..

is an ikce winyan, ordinary woman. She is Lakota, an artist, a creator, a daughter, an entrepreneur, a community servant, an introvert, a survivor, and a visionary. She naturally stands against societal norms. She dreamed of starting her own fashion label since adolescence, and also aspires to do much more!

"If you can't change the world, then create one that you can share with others."

The Tosa Two Heart brand is about spreading empathy. Empathy is needed everywhere. 

We are not perfect and that is okay. We are okay the way we are. Our clothes should make us feel comfortable and happy about ourselves. At our roots, we are pitiful human beings with hearts. 

While the rest of society mulls on the negative, the dismal and dramatic, happiness can be found in the small things, such as colors, simplicity, laughter and personal adventures. Your story matters and the clothes you wear and the accessories you keep, help tell it. 

The Tosa Two Heart brand is for the ageless, the timeless, the colorful, the colorless, hopeless, the hopeful, the outsiders, the insiders, the unmotivated, the ambitious, the stories to tell, and the stories to make. 

Awaken your heart. What is it telling you?