Springing Into A New Outlook

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Happy Spring! 

As with the change a new season brings, I revamped the website layout. With a more user friendly design, your shopping experience should be enhanced! You now have the ability to write reviews on the products you've purchased. I know that many customers have told me how much they loved their goodies from the site. Lets share that love with others who are interested in the same things! And of course, honest reviews help me make improvements to your shopping experience. 

Waunsila Jealous Of Him (IG @waunsila_winyan) Rocking the turquiose Double Beat Ladies T-shirt, and the Clementine Maske leggings. Don't forget her trusty Blue Star Love tote. Photo credit: Waunsila Jealous Of Him

I am currently working on one of a kind hand made and mod projects. These will be in a collection called Ace of Hearts which will be launched when the collection is ready. 

(Photo credit: Justina Chee (IG: jrazz814)Follow the shop Instagram! Posts and reposts of real people wearing the brand in different places. Tag @tosatwoheartshop or use #tosatwoheart and I'll repost your photo, with credit ofcourse!


I have started the production on HEART 2 HEART,a podcast featured here, as part of the Tosa Two Heart world. 

This brand is to build empathy. Empathy is needed everywhere. HEART 2 HEART is a means to connect with human beings out there, by talking about the real stuff. 

Each episode is going to be unique. Sometimes I’ll have special guests join me, who will share personal experiences,and expressions on the hard stuff. Sometimes I’ll ponder the deep questions others or myself ask. There may be some surprises along the way as we walk through the uncomfortable path that's hidden from the glam of society. The point is we will get vulnerable, honest, and unfiltered on this show.

If you are interested in either being a guest, submitting a question or have topics you would be interested in listening in on, email me at info@tosatwoheart.com

The rules to be on the show are: contribute to empathy sharing. Be real, be you. 

More details to come, such as the launch date of the first episode. Stay tuned. 

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