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The brand had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Native POP Fashion Show last Saturday, July 15th 2017 . What started out as a personal modelling audition turned out to be a huge step forward for Tosa Two Heart!

I was invited by Gina Still Smoking, the producer of the fashion as well as the co-owner of Still Smoking Designs. Meeting Gina was very enlightening as her work in fashion and human trafficking awareness really showed me how fashion shows can be a platform for social justice, human rights and so much more! Her passion for doing fashion shows as skill building and protecting young people from Before I even knew Tosa Two Heart would be in the fashion show, I had the pleasure of meeting Collins Jordon and Katrina Drust, who both taught the models and myself what I call cat walking 101. I learned how hard it is to walk a runway and it takes, practice, practice practice! I must admit, I had tons of fun walking back and forth on an imaginary runway in my shiny black heels.

Gina primed the models and I on how to be professional such as what items to bring to a show, how to present yourself to the designers and good personality traits to have if you want to pursue modelling. Fast forward from the audition, I had a few short days to pull things together. I am so thankful my mother was able to make miracles happen in such a short time!

The other designers who were featured in the show were veterans in the fashion industry; Darla Jean Takes The Knife, Collins Provost, Sarah Weston, as well as Still Smoking Designs. This was the first fashion show my apparel has ever been featured in! I felt so unsure of what to do, but everything turned out great! I learned a lot from the other designers and I am so inspired to do more fashion shows and get really creative with how to present model in the future!

I had the opportunity to work with some very talented and promising young women and a young man. I was honored to have had the following beautiful individuals represent Tosa Two Heart apparel in the show:

Esther Wolfe

Ele Leah Berry

Kylee Jones

Stormiee Red Bow/Mahpiya Youngman

Connor Brings Plenty

Sita Baker

Maria Ashley 

Thank you to the models so much for being true to yourselves and having fun in my t-shirts and tanks. You all are a part of the Tosa Two Heart family! I hope to see you all again soon! 


I am so thankful to the organizers of Native POP: People of the Plains, Gina Still Smoking for inviting me to participate and all of the designers, parents, models, make-up artists (Amanda Allen Welch, you are talented!), hairstylists (Headlines Academy), MC Maverick Grey Horse, and all the people I've met. I am so happy to have been a part of this magnificent celebration of Northern Plains Native art!

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