Goodbye December, Hello New Year!

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Hello fam, friends, fans, potential friends, and heartthrobs!

I'm writing this as subzero temperatures plague South Dakota. I'm wishing warmth in everyone's bodies and hearts as we get through an extra cold winter season. 

With 2017 coming to a close, its time to reflect on the year. Since this brand started, I've been experimenting, and running trials and errors. I've been overwhelmed with the support received from many people out there, and appreciative of the new friends I've made. I really enjoy running the shop, meeting people, and seeing the happy faces of those who buy my apparel and gifts. 

In 2018, I want to make sure customer service is even more better. Our supplier makes everything made to order and sometimes there are large time lapses between the initial order date and delivery. I want to increase efficiency in getting orders faster to you, my beloved customers. Furthermore, I know that size is important. We all want to fit in the clothes we love and feel confident. I am working hard to make available future graphic designed apparel to fit all size needs.  

My current goal has been brand awareness and building a community around the idea of the ikce oyate (everyday people). While I'm imagining and planning what new graphics I will launch in 2018, I am also brainstorming ways to engage more people with Tosa Two Heart. Please look out for upcoming media content ( I am thinking a video or podcast series). I will also do my best to be more present on all popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat). As always, ideas are welcomed, especially if you'd like to be a part of the community building :D

Personally, I am working on embracing my total weird self. I remember when the Clementine Maske Flair Dress was out and after my bestie Justina Chee did an amazing 0 budget photoshoot, I realized that my body is my body and I have to feel comfortable with my body.The photos turned out beautiful and I felt very beautiful in the dress and I know many others will feel the same when they wear it. I am an ikce winyan (every day, ordinary woman) and its awesome because my apparel and gifts are not for the exclusive, but for everyone!

I've been an artist since I was an infant, playing and creating with various mediums. I've lay dormant with my art for most of my adult life going through university (although I did coordinate a couple of art and fashion shows), work and then graduate school. This year, as I decided to live out a high school dream of becoming a fashion designer, I've come to the realization that art makes me truly happy, and its a lifelong passion. When I work on a piece whether it's painting, drawing or graphic art, I am sucked in and have no awareness of time, just what I am focusing on. In this fast paced, stress driven world, art is what I need and I know others could use it too. So I embrace my artistic, weird, funny self (if you know me, I like to laugh and make others laugh). It's been extremely awesome to meet others in the art community who are also pursuing their passions and are filled with positivity. Its encouraging to see how other everyday people are sharing their stories through their artwork. This journey with the brand has led to meeting new friends, receiving support from others that I never expected, and just having fun seeing where experimentation and confidence is taking me. I encourage others who harbor dormant passions to take a leap and see where it can take you. One of my sayings is; when you got nothing to lose, you have everything to gain.


Over the Christmas holiday, I ran an Instagram giveaway. The following Instagram Accounts have won the Clementine Maske Flair Dress:








Please contact with the following info:Full name, size and shipping address.


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See you in 2018!! Many Blessings to everyone!!









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