Cho Snazzy Summer!

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Summer solstice is upon us. No matter what is going on in the summer, its always good to feel good in what you're wearing. The Cho Snazzy Collection recently came out, with a new design to reflect the light-hearted fun summer can bring. Cho in Lakota means attractive. There is a slang phrase "cho snazz" that people use to describe ultimate swag. Cho Snazzy is a simple design with traditional roots of Lakota stars and crosses, adorned with not so traditional pink and blue colors against some bright backdrops. 

Please check out the Cho Snazzy collection for your hot summer needs. 

I recently held an Instagram contest in honor of getting 500 followers( woohoo) and the winner was Addie Rolnick (@madcalcutta). She will be receiving a Cho Snazzy raglan, pouch and phone case. 

If you haven't followed the Instagram or Facebook page, please do! You can directly access the Tosa Two Heart Shop from both accounts now. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay happy out there! 




P.S. I am still working on the HEART 2 HEART podcast. It's been taking a while because life circumstances have been getting in the way. The purpose of the podcast is to promote empathy through having deep and vulnerable conversations. If you'd like to be a guest or have something to share, or have thought of a really great topic regarding building empathy, please feel free to email me at


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